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Mechanical Engineering Faculty

Full-Time Faculty

Dr. George N. Facas
Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Past Dean
Drexel University (PhD 1985)
Office: STEM 248
Office Hours: Tuesday/Friday 9:30-10:50am
Thermal Fluids, Computational Fluid Dynamics

Dr. Lisa Grega
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Rutgers University (Ph.D., 1995)
Office: STEM 229
Office Hours: Monday 2:00-3:20pm, Tuesday 10:00-11:30am
Experimental Fluid Mechanics, Turbulent Flows

Dr. Manish Paliwal, P.E.
Professor of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering and Department Chair
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (PhD, 2003)
Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Maryland
Office: STEM 232A
Office Hours: Tuesday/Friday 9:30-10:50am
Biomechanics, Engineering Mechanics Website: 

Bijan Sepahpour, P.E.
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
New Jersey Institute of Technology (Degree of Engineer, 1994)
Registered Professional Engineer in Delaware
Office: STEM 231
Office Hours: Monday 2:00-3:00pm, Tuesday/Friday 1:00-2:00pm
Mechanisms, Mechanical Design 

Dr. Ching-Tai Shih
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
University of Texas at Arlington (PhD 1985)
Office: STEM 114Office Hours: Tuesday/Friday 12:30-2:00pm
Operations Research

Dr. Yunfeng (Jennifer) Wang
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Johns Hopkins University (PhD, 2001)
Office: STEM 245
Office Hours: Tuesday/Friday 12:30-1:40pm
Advanced Manufacturing/Robotics
Dr. Karen Chang Yan
Professor of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering
Drexel University (PhD, 2003)
Office: STEM 227
Biomaterials, Engineering Materials
Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Norman Asper
Professor of Engineering Studies (Emeritus)
Ohio State University (PhD 1969)
Email: asper@tcnj.eduWebsite:*
Engineering Materials, Engineering Ethics
Adjunct Faculty
Clifford G. Barnes
Clifford G. Barnes, Jr.
Adjunct Professor
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (OE, 1981)
Registered Professional Engineer in Washington State
Christine Delahanty
Adjunct Faculty
University of Pennsylvania (MSEE, 1988)
Mohamed Magdoub
Mohamed Mahgoub
Adjunct Professor
Carleton University (PhD, 2004)

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